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GAC Iowa
May 14th/15th, 2016


Wisconsin Gladiator Course - March 31 OR April 1, 2012


Gladiator Assault Challenge at Grand Geneva, WI is a 6.5 mile challenge with 35 obstacles.  Test yourself with mud pits, cargo nets, gladiator mountain climb and more! One wicked cool will run over the ski hills, horse trails, beaver dams and the Geneva Snowcross trailYou'll compete at your own pace with fellow Gladiator's. 
Muscle, Mud, Music.....Makes an Epic Day!!

Register Individually  REGISTRATION CLOSED
Sign up for the Gladiator Assault Challenge as an Individual Racer.

Please contact your team members, agree on a start time and tell everyone to register online (in the agreed upon time slot).  There is a spot on the registration to post your team's name.  You can split up into different time slots.  There is not a minimum or maximum team size.  

Event Location:

Grand Geneva
7036 Grand Geneva Way
Lake Geneva, WI  53147
Contact Grand Geneva for Hotel Room Discounts.

Additional Hotel Rooms:
Hampton Inn Elkhorn
40 West Hidden Trail
Elkhorn, WI  53121

Encourage your friends, family, kids, and neighbors to come watch you!  It's an event for EVERYONE in a party festival atmosphere.  The spectator fee is only $10 per person (12 and under FREE).  There will be viewing areas for spectators all over the course.  Come and cheer on your Gladiator! 

There will be a $5-$10 (cash) car parking fee collected. 

Age Limit:
Anyone who is up for the challenge and is at least 18 years of age on the day of the event may participate.  Kids 16-17 years old may participate with a signed waiver by a parent or guardian. 

Heat Time Changes:
The changes to heat times may be done ONLY through an e-mail request and are based on availability. 
E-mail change requests to


Have a Question??  Email

Directions to Grand Geneva:




 Geneva Course Map

Obstacle List 

Number Name Description
1 Gladiator Charge Screaming Charge Sprint
2 Slippery Slope Foot-Ski through the Giant Slalom Course
3 Mudslide Fast, Wet and Muddy
4 Summit Assault Scale the Vertical Slope with Ropes
5 Downtime Zig-Zag off the Backside
6 Mudcrawler Get Low and Dirty
7 Cargo Climb Hope you're not 'fraid of heights
8 Log Carry Carry your Wood through the Field Loop
9 Pond Dash Don't lose a shoe!
10 Ball Soaker It's wet!
11 River's Rage Dash up the Rocky Creek – watch for Barriers
12 Spiders Web Crawl Under the Spider's Netting
13 Mystery Obstacle You're at the mercy of our Course Builders
14 High Horse Hurdles Ride 'em home
15 The Dunes Drop Up and Over the Sandy Hill
16 Sand Slide Drop into the Sand Pit
17 Dam It Waist Deep River Crossing
18 Mudcrawl Crawl under the Cargo Crossing
19 Cargo Climb Up and Over the Mudcrawlers
20 Uphill Tires Watch your step
21 Water Walker Walk on top of the river
22 Sherwood Forest Climb the walls
23 Jolt the Jockey Run through the Muddy Bumpy Mess
24 The Widowmaker Charge to the top of the best vantage point
25 Sucker Punch Watch out for swinging tires
26 Venus Fly Trap Hug the ground
27 Mystery Obstacle You're at the mercy of our Course Builders
28 The Plunge It's not quite water
29 Half Barrels Hurdle Barrels through the Pond
30 Spiders Web Watch your footing you'll get caught
31 Hunker in the Bunker Gettin' down and dirty
32 Toast Spring through the Fire Trenches
33 Spiders Web Watch your footing or you'll get caught
34 Mystery Obstacle You're at the mercy of our Course Builders
35 Slingshot Slip and Slide to the Finish

Course subject to change

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